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Do you remember as a child... you played joyfully, freely & happily without any aches & pains.

When & how did this change?

Is it just because you are becoming older?

As we grow up we build harmful habits of unnecessary tension.

Stress interferes with our natural balance causing stiffness and pain.

The AlexanderTechnique is a unique way to recognise unwanted patterns and understand how to change them.

We can regain our original freedom of movement, to re-acquire balance and remove discomfort.

You can learn the Alexander Technique as any age from  childhood to maturity, progressing at your own pace.


 • muscular & skeltal problems -e.g.

    backache, all joint & muscle problems,

    chronic conditions such as arthritis &


 •  headaches & migraine

 •  rehabilitation after surgery, injury or


 •  breathing problems such as athma

 •  circulatory problems including high

     blood pressure

 •  digestive problems


 •  stress-related disorders

 •  nervousness & panic attacks

 •  hyperventilation

£50 (50 min.)

Booking can be made by email or phone.

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What is Alexander Technique?

What is an Alexander lesson?

What kind of benefits can be  

expected from Alexander Technique?

The role of the teacher

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Group workshop

A group workshop can offer a valuable introduction to the Technique.

Actors, dancers and musicans find their skills can be enhanced by lessons.

(see "Events" page for more info)

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An Alexander Technique lesson is not manipulation, exercise nor treatment. It offers skills which you can learn and apply in your daily life to prevent pain & discomfort and to rediscover your natural balance.

email booking at The Therapy Room (Cambridge) email booking at Sakura Studio (Ashdon, Essex)

tel: 01223 315 400

tel: 0796 0253 094

Price & booking

Your teacher will be observing your patterns of movement, breathing and posture, using her hands gently and placing them on your neck, shoulders, back and so on.

So you can discover your unwanted habit the teacher will skillfully guide you to encourage a release of restrictive patterns.